Lockers in Azrieli Shopping Center Tel Aviv

Located on the second floor, next to "American Eagle" in front of "Aroma Cafe"

Electronic lockers
4 sizes: S M L XL
Total of 24 lockers (2 XL, 4 L, 6 M, 12 S)
Suitable for any size of luggage – small backpacks to large suitcases.
Price: 10-25 shekels according to the size of the locker.
The price includes the first two hours of use. Each hour after the first two – 5 shekels.
First the customer pays for 2 hours, and if he/she returns after the allotted time – the customer will be requested by the system to pay the difference.
Items can be kept in the locker for up to two weeks.The lockers are opened only after scanning the receipt.To open the locker – scan the receipt with the barcode underneath the barcode scanner (under the screen).
Opening hours:
The lockers are accessible 24 hours a day.
After 24:30 – go to the circular lobby and ask to be escorted to the lockers.