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  • Why break your back?
  • Why break your back?

Lockers for luggage storage and mobile charging.

Business Owner / Public Domain CEO,

Do your customers need storage space for their luggage and mobile charging station and your budget just doesn´t cover the cost?

We will provide you lockers for luggage storage and mobile charging for free (!), and if that isn´t enough – you can earn a percentage of the overall earnings!

Lockit places and operates lockers suitable for central bus stations, train stations, shopping centers, universities, educational establishments, leisure and entertainment centers, swimming pools and dance clubs.

Our storage solutions are lent to a public domain at no charge and with no obligation! Plus – the owner of the location receives a percentage of the lockers´ earnings! Zero investment – clean profit – happy customers.

Business Owner,
Are you interested in luggage storage solutions or mobile charging stations?

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