Our Story

It all started with salsa dancing in Japan…

The company's founder, a lover of dancing, while working at the Fujitsu company in Japan left her belongings one night in one of the hundreds of thousands of lockers around Japan. After a night with no worries regarding her coat, purse and phone, she decided that Israelis also deserve such a wonderful service.
Lockers weren't invented in Israel, in fact they have existed around the world for over 20 years. Europe, East Asia, the United States – they all have them. Here in Israel, for some reason, up until 5 years ago there was no adequate luggage storage service, despite high demand. We have all needed at one time or another to lock away our belongings and walk around at ease. Lockit was founded to provide a solutionto this need – the company has set its goal to be the largest provider of luggage storage lockers in Israel.

Lockit's lockers are located in central public domains and are simple and easy to use. Smart lockers for luggage storage ensure your customers freedom from the burden of carrying all of their belongings so that they can go about their business easily over time.

Lockit's lockers provide you, business owners and managers, additional income with no investment costs (!) while providing your customers with a safe storagesolution.
Lockit believes that we Israelis also deserve a simple and convenient solution. We are tired of being afraid of potential theft and carrying our heavy, expensive coats, with the motorcycle helmet, school bar or heavy suitcase. Imagine a world without burden – a world with inexpensive, simple, convenient lockers that provide us with complete freedom!

Business owners – give your customers the option of high-quality and inexpensive luggage storage. You gain happy customers that are freer to shop and enjoy themselves and in addition - profit from the circulation at no cost to you! If that isn't enough – you earn new customers that come to the lockers such as tourists, soldiers and visitors from other towns. They have placed their items in the locker? Now they are free to shop, spend and enjoy themselves at your establishment.

Due to the increasing demand, Lockit has recently added mobile charging lockers available for a symbolic price to the customer, with a free option also available. These stations are situated in central areas with high foot traffic.

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