Mobile Charging Lockers

Do your customers desperately need charging stations for their phones, but you simply can´t afford it?

Do you understand that customers that have to stay next to a charger can´t walk around and buy things?

Do you provide customers with power outlets, but they don´t have chargers?
After countless requests from our customers, we have found the solution – lockers for mobile charging with included chargers. For a symbolic price, or no price, your customers can charge their mobile devices in a secure locker. If your location is compatible you can receive the locker unit for free, and even earn a percentage of the profit! If that isn´t enough, think of the added value of customers that charge their devices with no fear of theft. They can walk around, shopping and enjoying themselves while their devices charge.
You can purchase the locker units and earn 50% of the income generated from the lockers. Another option – pay 50% of the cost of the lockers and earn 50% of the income generated by the lockers, while Lockit is responsible for the maintenance and customer service.