ChargeIt 24 doors

This station is suitable for heavy foot traffic areas with a high need for mobile device charging.

Especially suitable for swimming pools, shopping centers, hospitals, universities etc.
Fancy and impressive lockers for charging mobile devices.
24 lockers containing cables for almost any type of mobile phone or tablet.
You can easily convert the station to a free-to-use station for the customer.
The station collects the sales data for correct management and future sales expectations.
In the event of a customer forgetting his/her code – the locker can be opened remotely or at the station itself.

3 simple steps to use the station:

  1. Connect your mobile device to one of the cables in the locker.
  2. Enjoy shopping, restaurants or other activities.
  3. Return at your leisure to collect your charged device.


  • 24 lockers for charging mobile phones or tablets·
  • 19" touch screen
  • Media player for advertisements, videos or information.
  • Dimensions: Height – 90 cm, Width – 165 cm, Depth – 23 cm.
  • 4 mm tempered glass to protect the screen.
  • Lockers are locked with a personalized code by the customer.
  • Master key to manually open each locker if necessary.
  • Compatible with most types of mobile phones or tablets.
  • LED lighting in each locker – green for an available locker, red for an occupied locker.
  • Wide variety of operating languages.
  • Easy update of prices – including an option for free use.
  • Single form of payment (credit card or coins).

The stations can be received for free* (!!)

Including operation and complete warranty by Lockit. You can also purchase the station and earn 100% of their profit! You can buy the station and provide a free service to your customers! The station can be completely branded, providing your company with an innovative, generous and efficient reputation. An excellent product for mobile phone and advertising companies for example.

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