Chargelt Floor

Charge your mobile in a fancy locker.

Mobile device charging stations for your business. Lockers for charging mobile phones provide an important service to your customers and provide you with further profit.

It is no secret that we are addicted to mobile phones. You probably know what it's like to be stuck with no batter – unbearable. Your customers don't like being without a battery either. Today there is no resolution to this problem in most public domains. Your customers leave your place of business to charge their phones in their car, or sit at a café  or a bench while they wait for it to charge. Such a shame! Due to the demands of our customers, and after comprehensive market research, we have acquired a fancy new product – an exclusive mobile charging station.

The station can charge mobile devices for a small sum paid by the customer. The device is charged in a secure locked locker and is very safe. The product will provide an excellent service to your customers and will keep them at their place of business for a longer amount of time.

Lockits' most desirable product

You can situate and move the station easily. The station is handsome and impressive. 6 lockers contain cables for almost any type of mobile phone or tablet in the market. You can easily convert the station to a free-to-use station for the customer. The station collects the sales data for correct management and future sales expectations. In the event of a customer forgetting his/her code – the locker can be opened remotely or at the station itself.

3 simple steps to use the station:

  1. Connect your mobile device to one of the cables in the locker.
  2. Enjoy shopping, restaurants or other activities.
  3. Return at your leisure to collect your charged device.


  • Charges all types of mobile phones or tablets in locked lockers.
  • 19" touch screen, simple and easy to use.
  • Accepts all forms of payment, including credit cards.
  • Exclusive "high-tech" look.
  • Multiple languages can be added.
  • Advertisements, videos and information can be displayed on the screen.
  • Use of a personal code – with no risk of losing a key.

The stations can be received for free* (!!)

Including operation and complete warranty by Lockit. You can also purchase the station and earn 100% of their profit! You can buy the station and provide a free service to your customers! The station can be completely branded, providing your company with an innovative, generous and efficient reputation. An excellent product for mobile phone and advertising companies for example.

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