Electronic Lockers

Due to the growing demand in the Israeli market and our customers' request, we at Lockit have decided to be the first ones to bring electronic lockers to Israel. After a meticulous examination of vendors from around the world, we have agreed on an exclusivity with the best vendors in the world and have brought their lockers to Israel.

Electronic lockers are the most convenient solution for our customers. They have an impressive "high-tech" appearance and are therefore suitable to design-oriented locations. The lockers enable payment by credit card, bills and coins.  The lockers are operated via touch screen – with no need for keys, thus eliminating the risk of losing them. The opening and closing of the lockers is executed with a code that is chosen by the customer and is easy to remember.  The electronic lockers can speak almost any language at the customer's request. Furthermore, the lockers enable payment by the hour/day.

Electrical connectivity:Yes.
Forms of payment: Credit Cards, Bills, Coins.
Key: None.
Opening/Closing: with the use of a code or card.
Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic, with an option for more languages.
Payment: by the hour/day.
Various Sizes – including extra-large lockers for suitcases.

For who is this solution suitable?

Almost every public domain:
Transportation hubs – airports, train stations, central bus stations.
Shopping centers – malls, BIG centers, clothing and food markets.
Entertainment centers – amusement parks, concert halls and ice skating rinks.
Sports centers and tourist attractions – gardens, nature paths, museums, theaters, hotels and hostels.
Water-themed attractions – pools and spas.
Educational institutions – universities, colleges and libraries.
Government and civil institutions – hospitals and municipalities.