Mechanical Lockers

Lockit´s mechanical lockers are simple to operate, and are the only ones in Israel that are suitable for both suitcases and backpacks. The lockers operate without electricity so they can be easily situated at any location. The locking mechanism is coin-activated.

Mechanical lockers are very common around the world and are used at thousands of train stations, clubs, amusement parks, shopping centers, stores, swimming pools etc. The lockers are reliable and safe.

For who is this solution suitable?

Almost every public domain:
Transportation hubs – airports, train stations, central bus stations.
Shopping centers – malls, BIG centers, clothing and food markets.
Entertainment centers – amusement parks, concert halls and ice skating rinks.
Sports centers and tourist attractions – gardens, nature paths, museums, theaters, hotels and hostels.
Water-themed attractions – pools and spas.
Educational institutions – universities, colleges and libraries.
Government and civil institutions – hospitals and municipalities.


Opening and Closing: the customer pays 10-30 shekels, depending on the size of the locker, and removes the key.
Forms of Payment: coins.
Payment: up until 24:00. For more days, the customer must co-ordinate with Lockit´s customer service in order to avoid the clearing of the locker.
Materials: 1.2 mm galvanized sheet metal. Durable and moisture-resistant, with a clean, handsome look. All colors are available.
Power: the lockers require no electricity.
Size of unit: The unit is modular and comes in various sizes, including extra-large for large suitcases.
Deliver time: depends on availability, maximum 2 months.
Handicapped accessibility: People in wheelchairs can easily use the lower lockers.

Door Unit

Amount of Doors

Unit Size

Interior Locker Size

Lockit Mech-1009

9 doors

H1780 x W1000 x D485 mm

XXXL: H907 x W432 x D485 mm

Lockit Mech-1015

15 doors

H1916 x W1000 x D485 mm

XL: H602 x W432 x D485 mm

Lockit Mech-1004/1

4 doors

H1916 x W1000 x D485 mm

L: H450 x W432 x D485 mm

Lockit Mech-1004/2

4 doors

H1916 x W1000 x D485 mm

M: H297 x W432 x D485 mm