Lockers have been installed in all Haifa train stations

Lockers at the Bat Galim train station. In addition to the lockers already located in all train stations in Tel Aviv, Be'er Sheva, Jerusalem and Modi'in – we have added lockers to all of Haifa's train stations and the Cinemall shopping center situated adjacent to the Lev Hamifratz train station.

לוקרים בתחנות הרכבת של חיפה
Lockers at the entrance to Merkaz HaShmona train station.

לוקרים התחנת רכבת חוף הכרמל
Lockers at the Hof HaCarmel train station.

לוקרים בקניון סינמול
Lockers at the Lev Hamifratz train station and the Cinemall shopping center.

לוקרים בתחנת רכבת בת גלים
Lockers at the Bat Galim train station.