Electronic Locker Model – Lockit Eelec-100

An outstanding locker station for lease to public domains with a smart 15" touch screen. Remote control capabilities. The Lockit Eelec-100 station is perfect for design-oriented locations with high foot traffic.
The lockers have an impressive look and attract users. They are easy to use – the customer simply follows the instructions on the screen.

Are you interested in a luggage storage solution with an impressive "high-tech" look, but don´t have the necessary budget or energy to deal with maintenance and customer service?

The Lockit Eelec-100 locker station is the perfect station for the public domain with high foot traffic. The station doesn´t cost you a cent. We pay for everything and are in charge of maintenance and customer service.

The station is easy to operate – the customer operates the station independently without the necessity of human touch. The station accepts all forms of payment and can operated remotely if necessary.
The station is modular and can be constructed according to your needs.

No more carrying keys or notes. Your customers will enjoy the freedom of travelling unencumbered by objects in their hands or pockets. The lockers are activated by 2 passwords that are easy to remember – the customer´s phone number and their date of birth. Have you ever forgotten these numbers? Neither will your customers.

Without baggage that weighs them down, your customers can enjoy more, buy more, eat more and walk around longer. You get the lockers for free (!) and if that isn´t enough, you earn a percentage of the circulation!

For who is this solution suitable?

Almost every public domain:
Transportation hubs – airports, train stations, central bus stations.
Shopping centers – malls, BIG centers, clothing and food markets.
Entertainment centers – amusement parks, concert halls and ice skating rinks.
Sports centers and tourist attractions – gardens, nature paths, museums, theaters, hotels and hostels.
Water-themed attractions – pools and spas.
Educational institutions – universities, colleges and libraries.
Government and civil institutions – hospitals and municipalities.


Opening and Closing:eliminates the need for a key or notes – the lockers open and close via passwords that are easy to remember (phone number + date of birth).
Forms of payment: coins, bills and credit cards.
Languages: default – Hebrew, English, Russian and Arabic. More languages are available.
Payment: the payment is by the hour/day. The options can be changed using the 15" LCD touch screen that guides the customer simply and clearly.
Advertising Screen: 19" overhead screen that can display pictures / advertisements / video files.
Materials: 1.2 mm designed galvanized sheet metal. Durable, moisture-resistant and impressive "high-tech" appearance.
Power: regular 50/60 hz, 100-240V power outlet.
Size of Unit: the unit is modular and comes in various sizes, including extra-large for large suitcases.
Delivery Time: depends on availability, maximum 2 months.
Certification: FCC, CF, authorized by the standards institute.


Download size sketch

Door Unit

Amount of Doors

Unit Size

Interior Locker Size


4 doors

H1916 x W1000 x D485 mm

XXXL: H907 x W432 x D485 mm


6 doors

H1916 x W1000 x D485 mm

XL: H602 x W432 x D485 mm


8 doors

H1916 x W1000 x D485 mm

L: H450 x W432 x D485 mm


12 doors

H1916 x W1000 x D485 mm

M: H297 x W432 x D485 mm