Model – Lockit4

The Lockit4 model is especially suitable for train stations, central bus stations, shopping centers and tourist attractions. The lockers are made from galvanized steel 1.2 mm thick (extra thick) and are coated with a moisture-resistant coating. The lockers are considered durable and safe. For immediate supply, the lockers are provided in a beautiful turquoise color (as seen in the picture), but you can order any color you want.

Height: 1.79m
Width: 0.9m
Depth: 0.45m

The lockers' lock is operated by inserting a 10 shekel coin. One-time use. To lock again another coin must be inserted.  The customer's key cannot be duplicated and so the loss of a key requires the replacement of the entire locking mechanism. In case a customer has lost his/her key they will be charged 50 shekels (the cost of replacing the locking mechanism).