Electronic Locker Model – Locksafe-5

An impressive armored locking station manufactured by the German company "Locktech" for luggage storage and mobile charging for smart rent in public domains, with a 9" screen.
These lockers are the best in the world and are situated in locations such as airports in Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland and hundreds of others around the world.

Locksafe-5 is the newest model of keyless lockers.
The lockers are the epitome of strength, security and technology, with a remote controlled mechanism.
The fifth generation of these lockers is equipped with LED lights for ease-of-use.
Instead of a key, the customer receives a receipt for code scanning. Without a key there is no way to duplicate it, preventing possible thefts and customer service issues.
The lockers accept all forms of payment and provide correct change if necessary.


Opening and Closing:eliminates the need for a key– after payment the customer receives a receipt with a unique code. To open the lockers the customer scans the code with the barcode reader.
Forms of payment: coins, bills and credit cards.
Languages: default – Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, German and French. More languages are available.
Payment: the payment is by the hour/day. The options can be changed at the touch of a button.
Screen: 9" LCD screen that guides the customer clearly and simply.
Materials: armored galvanized sheet metal. Durable, moisture-resistant, impressive "high-tech" appearance.
Power: regular 50/60 hz, 100-240V power outlet.
Size of Unit: the unit is modular and comes in various sizes, including extra-large for large suitcases.
Delivery Time: depends on availability, maximum 6 months.
Certification: CE, CF, authorized by the standards institute.
Handicapped Accessibility: DDA handicapped qualified.